Why Choose Us

The Chisholm Advantage

The Chisholm experience offers a unique educational advantage over the conventional public and private school environments. We have the expertise to work with students of varying backgrounds and diagnoses in small groups, and we enhance the school experience through building confidence in both academic and social realms. The range of extra-curricular activities, exceeds most schools and are specifically designed for our population.

Students thrive in the Chisholm Academy environment, whether they struggle with learning weaknesses or other impediments to learning that previously blocked their success in larger schools. The Academy offers a full range of courses leading to post-secondary education, small classes, individualized programming, and extensive educational support. Our high school provides courses for entry into college or university.

We rely on the expertise of the affiliated Chisholm Psychology Centre, in developing an Individual Education Plan for each student and implementing appropriate accommodations. Consultation to staff and counselling for students is also available. Chisholm Psychology is a primary provider of psychoeducational assessments.



Chisholm Academy is registered and inspected as a private school by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is authorized to grant credits at all levels and in all subjects. The teaching staff are registered with the Ontario College of Teachers and are required to complete approved special education designations. Our child & youth workers and recrational therapists have completed the required course work and practicums to graduate from a recognized institution.  The psychology staff have masters or doctoral degrees and psychologists and psychological associates are registered with the Ontario College of Psychologists.

Parental Involvement

Parent contact is a key component of success at Chisholm Academy. Through constant communication, we work together to help our students achieve academic and personal success.  Our Parent Council is essential in ensuring that the school understands and responds to our parent community.

Teacher/Student Ratio

Our class size for most subjects is approximately nine students while courses such as art, drama, and physical education may have larger numbers.  As a general rule, class sizes are limited to 10 students for elementary classes; 12 for grades nine and ten; and 15 students for grades eleven and twelve. We are also able to provide individual or smaller group instruction if a student needs additional support or if there is insufficient registration to run the class. Our average class size over the last decade has been 7-10 students.