Meet Our Team

Since 1971, Chisholm has been registered with the Ministry of Education and Training. Since that time, we have offered special education services to elementary and secondary students who require remediation, tutoring or accommodations or modifications to their programs. Chisholm is known for its ability to tailor a program to meet the individual needs of each student, either full time or part time. Individualized programs can also be developed for adults who require specialized academic upgrading. Because of our affiliation with the Chisholm Assessment Centre we are in a unique position to provide the expertise to analyze a student's specific learning profile and develop strategies to address his or her needs. We are the home school for many students who require a safe, structured environment in order to reach their potential. We also offer after-school programs for elementary and secondary students who need tutoring in specific academic areas.

Chisholm's Executive Director


Dr. Howard Bernstein

Dr. Howard Bernstein is a Psychologist and the Executive Director. He has been at Chisholm since 1980 and was previously employed by school boards, hospitals and clinics in Canada and the U.S. Dr. Bernstein is responsible for the philosophy, direction, admissions and finances of Chisholm.  His favourite task is still direct contact with staff, students and parents.

Chisholm's Senior Staff

dino crapsi

Mr. Dino Crapsi

Mr. Dino Crapsi is the Principal of Chisholm Academy, and brings 30+ years of teaching and administrative experience in public elementary and secondary schools.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University, Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor, a Master of Education from Brock University and Ministry of Education qualifications in Geography, Science, Outdoor Education and Special Education. Mr. Crapsi is a member of the Ontario Principal’s Council, and is responsible for the academic management of the school.


Mrs. Sylvia Moyssakos

Mrs. Sylvia Moyssakos B.Ed., M.Sc., M.B.A., OCT, is the Vice Principal of our Senior Elementary Program, and the Head Specialized Academic Services. Mrs. Moyssakos has her specialist designations in Special Education and Guidance, and has previous practical and teaching experience in the areas of science and mathematics. She has been at Chisholm since 1992. Mrs. Moyssakos is responsible for the after-school and summer school programs, grades 7 and 8 and ABI students, and IEP development.


Mr. Paul Leonard

Mr. Paul Leonard is the VP-Guidance. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from McMaster University, Bachelor of Education from Brock University and additional Ministry of Education qualifications in Co-operative Education, Guidance and Special Education.


Mr. Adam Bernstein

Mr. Adam Bernstein, MA, is the Manager of Operations and Development and has been at Chisholm since 2006. He brings a combination of industry and not-for-profit experience and is responsible for the day-to-day business operations of the organization.  This includes Marketing, Technology, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Development. Mr. Bernstein is also a therapist and provides counselling services to teens and adults.


Dr. Shirley Bryntwick

Dr. Shirley Bryntwick is a Psychologist and Director of Professional Services. She has been at Chisholm since 1984, and previously held clinical positions in Montreal. Dr. Bryntwick is responsible for the psychology department, and consults to the Academy.

Directors And Advisors

Dr. Howard A. Bernstein, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Executive Director & Psychologist

Dr. Maitreya Coffey, M.D., FAAP., FRCPC.

Pediatrician, Hospital for Sick Children

L.J. Henderson, FCA, CFP.

Senior Partner, Henderson Associates Accountants

Jarvis Sheridan, B.A., BSW., LLB.

Managing Partner, O'Connor MacLeod Hanna

Falguni Mehta,

Parent of a graduated Chisholm student & Senior Assistant Manager, DP Cash Management, Scotiabank Global Wholesale Operations

Cathy Saytar, B.Ed., M.Sc., OCT.

Former Principal of Chisholm Academy and previous Superintendent at the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board