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Chisholm Celebrates Pride Month

June 17, 2022

Chisholm students break boundaries for Pride month!  With the help of our LGBTQ Club we were able to design custom pride t-shirts for our students to wear proudly around school every Friday for the month of June.  With the sales of these shirts we were able to give $470.00  back to “ROCKS Positive Space Network”,…

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Spring Flag Football Intramurals

June 15, 2022

The Flag Football season came and went quickly this year. The talent was some of the best we have seen with games having to determine the winner with a coin flips due to time limitations. Teams came out ready to win, with games going as high as five touchdowns a side each game! In the end…

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Relay for Life 2022 – Back in Person

June 13, 2022

After two years of virtual events, Chisholm Academy returned to in person celebrations for our fundraising efforts for Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life! Held on Saturday, June 11 at M. M. Robinson High School, staff and students walked in memory of those who have been impacted by cancer and celebrated our school achievement of…

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Gauss Math Contest

June 11, 2022

Three enthusiastic Chisholm Academy students recently joined others across Canada and around the world to write a famous mathematics test ‒ for fun! On May 18, 2022, Holden, Luka and David competed in their respective Grade 7 or Grade 8 version of the Gauss Math Contest. They all took this competition seriously and they did…

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Chisholm’s Chess Club

June 2, 2022

During the month of May, Chisholm Academy hosted a chess tournament with 16 players participating in a double-elimination bracket format.* We also used a time control of 10-15 minutes without any increment. If players ran out of time and they faced possible checkmate, then they would lose their match, and this played a key role…

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Sports Day

May 30, 2022

Thursday, May 26 marked Chisholm’s Annual Sports Day! The competition heated up with the first ever 2-on-2 Crossnet Tournament, team after team was eliminated until the top four teams had been decided. In the end, it was Grade 7s Grayson and Salah that took the title of champions! Next up was the 100 and 4 x…

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Introducing the 22 Tuck Shop

May 5, 2022

After years of dreaming, Chisholm finally has it’s first very own tuck shop! The 22 Tuck Shop, run by the Grade 12 Leadership and Food & Nutrition classes, will be serving treats and drinks such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream sandwiches, apple juice, gatorade, pop, and more. The option for a hot meal or…

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Hockey Club at CanLan Sports

March 30, 2022

Chisholm made its return to the ice as the Hockey Club was back after a two-year hiatus. Twenty strong made the trek to Canlan for some shinny. The smiles on the faces of the kids were all that had to be seen to know it was good to be back. Josh C. showed off his…

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Poutine & Pizza

March 10, 2022

Chisholm loves food! While encourage healthy eating habits, sometimes a treat is necessary! Pizza Pizza fuels our cheesy cravings while The Great Canadian Foodtruck came around a second time to remind us of the beautiful marriage of fries with gravy and cheese curds! Always great to see everyone come together to enjoy meals together.

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Bringing Back the Badminton

March 5, 2022

As Chisholm moved into the March Break, the winter session of school intramurals concluded with two exciting tournaments of badminton. Over thirty students and staff participated in the month-long tournament.  In the Doubles Final, the Senior Team of Rupert and Mark defeated Ms. Laube and David 21-15. It was a well-played game, back and forth,…

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