Admission Process at Chisholm Academy

Just as every student is unique, Chisholm Academy takes a personal and individual approach with each family to ensure that everyone has the information they need to make the right decision for your child. The admissions process may not look the same for every family and we will personally guide you through it.

The following steps are a general overview of the process:

  • Initial Contact - Our admissions process begins with an initial conversation with our Admissions Officer, Lorna Hughes, to guide you through our process and answer any initial questions you may have.  After the call, Mrs. Hughes will email additional information to you and forward an Application Form.
  • Parent Interview - We will then book an appointment for parents to meet with both our Associate Director, Adam Bernstein and our Admissions Officer, Lorna Hughes and to tour the school.  This initial parent meeting is designed to investigate fit from both perspectives; Is Chisholm able to provide the support and environment that fits the needs of your child to achieve academic and personal success?  Will your child contribute in a positive way to the Chisholm family and their fellow students?
  • Documentation - Parents will also provide Chisholm with supporting documentation.  This will include an up to date psychoeducational assessment, recent report cards, previous IEP’s and any other documentation that provides information on your child’s needs.
  • Student interview – The admissions staff will spend an informal 20-30 minutes getting to know your child and will also offer them a tour of the school. We may also offer for your child to meet with some fellow students or to spend a half or full day in the classroom.  This may not be the case for every child.
  • Previous School Contact – We will ask you to give us permission to contact your child’s previous school in order to gather further information that will help us understand how best to meet your child’s needs and write an accurate IEP for them.
  • Admissions Committee – Mr. Bernstein and Mrs. Hughes will present all of the information they have gathered to the admissions committee to make an offer decision.  Offers of admission are based on our ability to provide your child with the support and environment that they need to be successful, both academically and socially.

Chisholm Academy is easy to reach. Simply call the school at (905) 844-3240 and ask for Mrs. Hughes, or email her at We can also be reached via our contact form here, simply provide us with your phone number, email and the best time to reach you and we'll set up time to speak.