The Chisholm Academy Advantage

Individual Education Plans for every student

The Chisholm Advantage

Since 1971, Chisholm Academy has been a Canadian leader in providing support to students who require Individualized Educational Programs. Every student’s IEP is carefully written; always followed thoroughly; and reviewed regularly. All our teaching staff have special education qualifications and we have a psychology department with an impeccable reputation. With small class sizes, a beautiful facility, a host of technological resources, and a supportive and committed staff, Chisholm Academy continues as the leader in supportive education.

Chisholm Academy Admissions

Just as every student is unique, Chisholm Academy takes a personal and individual approach with each family to ensure that everyone has the information they need to make the right decision for your child. The admissions process may not look the same for every family and we will personally guide you through it.

Chisholm and COVID-19

Chisholm Academy is pleased that the school was able to operate full-time in class to start the 2020/2021 year.  This was a unique position for a Halton school to be in and provided the opportunity for families who require the structure and peace of mind that in-school learning undoubtedly offers a great alternative.  Obviously we have since spent some time online as the provincial lockdown dictated but our expectation is a return to in-class learning come September 2021.

The Academy has a well-developed and comprehensive safety plan. Families can rest assured that Chisholm staff will remain vigilant in order to protect "our" kids and minimize the risk of infection while maintaining an engaging and stimulating learning environment.  Chisholm's protocols are supplemented by an array of personal protective equipment including masks, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, a water bottle filling station, and an electrostatic fogging machine.

We have the experience to make online learning work, and work well, as we were leaders in the field during the shutdown.  We operate our virtual classrooms "virtually" the same as our regular full-time in class model. Attendance is taken during each class and a lesson will be taught followed by a question period and/or extra help.  The school maintains a measured and well-thought-out approach to online learning and extra-curricular activities.  The Academy was and is significantly ahead of most schools in delivering a comprehensive online curriculum utilizing Google’s full suite of educational offerings.

Whether in-class or online we are confident that we will meet the needs of our students and continue to support them in reaching their potential.

Please contact Lorna Hughes at 905-844-3240 for more information regarding admissions.