Grades 11 & 12 – Sheridan and Mohawk College Tours

On Monday, May 29, our Grade 11 and 12 students visited one of either Sheridan College or Mohawk College for a morning tour of the campus. These tours showed students classrooms, labs, and campus facilities, with a particular focus on programs that are likely to be most relevant to Chisholm students. 

Grade 11-12 students participated in a tour at one of the locations, based on their plans and aspirations for post-secondary education.

Jasmine M. in Grade 11 recounted her visit to Sheridan Oakville Campus:

When we got there we played a brief game that some students at Sheridan created. We were shown around the campus and learned that class sizes are 25-30 students, so you get a lot more attention than you would in a university.

There is a 24/7 space that you can go to to study.

Seeing everything in Sheridan was very interesting!