Did You Know There is a Private School for Kids Who Need Help?

As a parent, it can be heart-wrenching to see your child struggle with learning and behavioural challenges. You want nothing more than to find a solution to help them thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. If you’re looking for a private elementary school that can cater to your child’s specific needs, you’re not alone.

Many parents believe that private schools are only for high-achieving students, but there are private schools like Chisholm Academy that specialize in providing education and support to children who need extra help.

Keep reading to discover how Chisholm Academy can be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Creating a Unique Learning Experience for Each Student

As a private elementary school that specializes in supporting children who need extra help, Chisholm Academy offers several benefits that can help your child thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

We believe that every student is unique and has individual learning abilities and challenges. Therefore, we strive to create a customized learning experience for each student by tailoring their education plans to meet their specific needs.

We work closely with students, their families, and teachers to identify and address their strengths and weaknesses, developing an individualized education plan that meets their needs:

Personalized Attention: The Key to Success

At Chisholm Academy, your child won’t get lost in the crowd. With smaller class sizes and a focus on individualized education plans, your child will receive personalized attention from teachers who are dedicated to helping them succeed.

Tailored Solutions: Targeted Support for Learning Differences and Special Needs

Many children who struggle in traditional school settings have learning differences or special needs that require targeted support. Chisholm Academy’s teachers are trained to identify these needs and provide the support and accommodations necessary for your child to thrive.

Whether your child has dyslexia, ADHD, or another learning difference, Chisholm Academy can provide the targeted support they need to succeed.

Promoting Inclusivity: Fostering Growth and Development

At Chisholm Academy, your child will be part of a supportive and inclusive community where differences are celebrated and everyone is valued. This can be especially important for children who may feel isolated or misunderstood in traditional school settings.

Expanding Horizons: Opportunities for Enrichment and Personal Growth

Chisholm Academy offers a range of enrichment activities that can help your child explore new interests and develop new skills. From music and drama to robotics and coding, there’s something for every child at Chisholm Academy.

The Chisholm Advantage: A Unique Approach to Education

We use technology to enhance learning and engagement, including interactive whiteboards and educational software. Chisholm Academy is registered and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and authorized to grant credits at all levels and in all subjects. Teaching staff are registered with the Ontario College of Teachers, with approved special education designations, and the psychology staff have master’s or doctoral degrees and are registered with the Ontario College of Psychologists.

We are currently accepting applications for September 2023 enrollment. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to education and how we can help your child thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Don’t wait! Give your child the gift of private elementary school today.