Grade 7 & 8 History Trip to Dundurn Castle

Our Grade 7 and 8 classes went on a guided tour of Dundurn Castle. Students learned about the life of the MacNab family and discussed the history of the property during the War of 1812. We took a walking tour of the cemetery across the street which was the location of a large British Military post in 1812. 

We also visited The Hamilton Military Museum located on the same site where the students were able to try on various items of clothing that were worn by soldiers during the war. Students had to test their problem-solving skills as they defended Burlington Heights in an interactive mapping activity, just as the British did, using ships, earthworks, and cannons.

It was the perfect way to finish off the History unit for the term!

Ms. Kayla Parsons (Child & Youth Worker)
Ms. L. Moss, Ms. T. Tsygipa, Mr. L. Katsouras and Ms. D. Turriff (Staff Supervisors)