Pink Shirt Day – Choose to Be Kind

On Wednesday, February 22, Chisholm recognized Pink Shirt Day. Students and teachers had the opportunity to wear pink to support anti-bullying. We started the day by having an amazing pancake breakfast made by Ms. Curic and the help of teachers and students.The gym was decorated and there was a photobooth for students and teachers to get their picture taken. 

A presentation was made by Ms. Curic, with students’ stories and motivational videos to raise awareness to the cause. Chisholm learned about their fellow students’ journeys, how bullying can affect a person, and what you can do to help. After the presentation students got the chance to participate in a whole-school coloring activity that created a mural of kindness. All students were able to contribute and enjoy the time together. 

One thing everyone learned is that we are all equal. There is nobody that should be made to feel less than anyone. 

Everyday should be anti-bullying day! Chisholm recognizes this day every year to encourage and respect each other. We learn from each other and share our stories to lift each other up. 

Danya Q. (Grade 12 Student and School President) & Ms. Y. Curic (Teacher and Equity Club Facilitator)