Introducing the 22 Tuck Shop

After years of dreaming, Chisholm finally has it’s first very own tuck shop!

The 22 Tuck Shop, run by the Grade 12 Leadership and Food & Nutrition classes, will be serving treats and drinks such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream sandwiches, apple juice, gatorade, pop, and more.

The option for a hot meal or healthier choice is great to ensure students have time to participate in extracurriculars during lunch.

To commemorate the Grade 12 group’s responsibility for the creation of the Tuck Shop along with the impact that they have made on this school since 2016, they will soon be leaving the business to the next grade once they graduate.

For now, the current Grade 12s are over the moon to serve those wanting to grab a quick bite.

Keenan W.
Grade 12 Communications Officer