Celebrate the Students: Goodbye, 2021!

2021 was yet another challenging year, but with school spirit and positivity, it’s easy to see how the Chisholm community is able to thrive.

On our last day of school, the Celebrate the Students event started with everyone showing up to school dressed up!

Lunch was an individually catered serving of delicious pasta or a scrumptious sandwich, paired with an Italian salad.

Students were then able to, in cohorts, visit the gym which transported them to a winter wonderland! A beautiful photobooth and dancefloor designed by Ms. Moss had us dancing away in between taking photos in front of the fairytale backdrop with friends. Thank you to Ms. Laube and Jag for being our photobooth photographers!

It was a beautiful day and the perfect cherry to top a great year at Chisholm!

Happy holidays and a safe and healthy new year!

See you in 2022!