Winter Arts Night

A special “shout out” to all the students and staff who helped make this year’s Winter Arts Night a huge success.

The students in the Drama Club performed a comedic version of a “Christmas Carol” which had us laughing in our seats. The Grade 11 and 12 Drama class performed the first act of the play “Poulterguise.” We are all looking forward to the ending in January.

The students in all of these productions worked tirelessly and performed so well.

Chisholm is so proud of you!

The show also included a Grade 7/8 choir performance and art and photography samples from an array of students.

There is a lot of talent at Chisholm Academy and our Winter Arts Night was the perfect way to showcase it.

Thank you to Ms. Parsons and Mr. Lee Parsons for filming and creating the beautiful video for all to enjoy.

Excellent work everyone! We are giving you a standing ovation!

Ms. L. Moss