Federal Elections 2021

On September 20, 2021, an age-old democratic tradition was upheld once again. While many look at the election and see a simplistic decision, it is all but simplistic. Since the very first election back in September 20, 1867, we have continued the idea and system of letting the people choose who runs their country. Voting for who and what you believe in is quite important, especially if you get the right to vote at all. But at Chisholm Academy, we wanted to try a little experiment to give the experience of voting in an election. Credited to the assistance of the Grade 12 classes, students took part in their own federal election. By participating in a nationwide school vote that represented 740, 515 votes reported from 5,478 schools, and with results from all 338 federal ridings, we were able to mimic an actual government election. 

Written by Bryce J. (Grade 12) and Ms. Curic (Equity Club Teacher Facilitator)