Exciting Additions to Academy Staff

We are excited to welcome our newest Academy staff this year!

Kristy Baggetta:  Kristy is our new Office Administrative Assistant. Kristy has been dedicated to working with children for over 20 years in a variety of settings, and is looking forward to the opportunity to further contribute to her skills in the Academy Office!

Jennifer Edwards:  Jennifer is excited to share her experience teaching English and Drama with our Elementary and Secondary students!  We are thrilled to welcome Jennifer to our school!

Travis Fillion: Travis brings to Chisholm Academy his experience teaching in the areas of Math, Science and Computer Science, and we look forward to Travis joining our staff.  This year, Travis will be teaching both Elementary and Secondary Math and Science.  Welcome, Travis!

Elizabeth Laube:  Liz has accumulated a wealth of experiences in both Education and Business over the years, and is looking forward to joining Chisholm Academy this year supporting students and teaching within our Physical Education Department.  We welcome Liz to Chisholm Academy and look forward to her working with our students!

Leslie Moss:  Leslie comes to Chisholm Academy with many years of experience in teaching and Administration. This year, Leslie will be the Homeroom teacher for Grade 7 students, teaching a variety of subjects. We are very excited to welcome Leslie to Chisholm Academy!