Academy Assemblies – Student Perspective

Chisholm Academy has special Morning Assemblies that take place every Wednesday during the beginning of Period 2. During these assemblies, different teachers present their class activities to the rest of the school by means of a video put together by the teachers in each of the classes. These assemblies have included Math, Physical Education, Nutrition, Geography, Civics, Drama, English and Science classes.

The top three pictures above are taken from Mr. Mooney’s Grade 11 Physical Education class demonstrating the students working out at home. Three students, Geoffrey H., Jag G., Maya H., are performing athletic activities, including pull-ups, pushups and core training. The bottom left is the Grade 10 Nutrition class with Ms. Curic. Jayden R. is making braised chicken thighs at home following class instructions. In the centre, Mr. Tollefsrud’s Geography class took a socially distanced field trip to a wooded area near Bronte Creek. On the right, Ms. Louie had her Grade 9 Geography class grow plants from seeds to learn about sustainable living.

I really enjoyed watching these school assemblies in the morning. They were interesting in that they showed what was happening in the different classes and helped to keep us all connected.

Jacob G (with support by Mrs. R. Laiken)