School Spirit with Academy Assemblies

Despite our continued presence in an online capacity, Chisholm has maintained the momentum of community with weekly Academy Assemblies.
Two sessions every Wednesday allow for a brief period of time where staff and students can come together for Oh Canada, a land acknowledgement, morning announcements and a different weekly presentation.
Some presentations include: 

  • Grade 12 Healthy Living class sharing creative ways to stay fit
  • The Grade 9 Geography class exploring their local ecosystems
  • Grade 11 ICT group cautioning us about the risks of “fake news”
  • The Grade 12 Math class shared some of their favourite things!
  • Most recently, the Grade 12 cast of Door‘s shared a behind the scenes with an “Inside the Actor’s Studio” segment

The variety, creativity and dedication of each presentation show a real sense of school spirit. 

Thank you to all the students for participating, the teachers and staff involved with making the videos look top-notch and the audience for being present and supportive every week!