Indigenous Cooking Practices and Braising Food Lab in Grade 10 Food & Nutrition

As a result of the ongoing pandemic protocols, Chisholm Academy is continuing online learning sessions in Food & Nutrition class. 

The class has covered the importance of Indigenous cuisine with a look at braising techniques. Ms. Curic discussed the manner in which the Indigenous prepared their meals and the class tried to simulate it virtually. 

The Indiigenous used foods such as wild meat, berries, and a wide variety of spices; this included fish, birds and plant spices. 

They also perfected preservation techniques to keep their food for long periods of time without refrigeration and grew crops that were resilient to climate change.
In our Braising Lab, there was no wild game available, but students used either chicken, pork or lamb as substitutes. The class learned how to prepare the meat correctly as well as new terminology relating to Indigenous methods. The students prepared the dish combining meat and vegetables in a tasty sauce. The braising process took six hours. 

The class started the dish in the morning and enjoyed it for dinner with their families later in the evening.

Danya Q (Grade 10 Student) and Yvonne Curic (Chisholm Academy Teacher)