Easter Spirit Week

Last week Chisholm Academy hosted another wonderful spirit week! 

On Monday, we started the week strong with a door decorating competition. All the doors turned out great and gave the school a very festive feel. After careful consideration, two winners were chosen from the bunch and won a special lunch of their choice later in the week. The winners of the competition were Ms. Curic and Ms. Turriff’s classes. Congratulations! 

On a beautiful spring Tuesday, the school participated in what was one of the most successful Student Council initiatives we have run this year. The students searched high and low across the back field and participated in an Easter egg hunt. 

As the week went on, more great events followed. On Wednesday, we held an Easter themed word search for all the Period 3 classes. The students searched for words to try and decipher a code winning them a chocolate bunny. 

As the week came to an end, the students all dressed up in pastel colours spreading the school and Easter spirit. Student council also hosted one of our returning games of guessing the number of easter eggs in the basket. Congratulations to our lucky winner, Eddie in Grade 9. 

The Spirit Week was another great success. Thank you to everyone for participating. Later this week we are thrilled to raffle off our April art-themed gift basket! 

Have a wonderful Spring Break, we are looking forward to more great events as we prepare for the end of the year.  


President Josh and Vice President Charlie and Ms. Ferrin