Motivational Talk with Canadian Teen Author, Sophie Torro

On March 23, 2021, our Grade 7-8 students participated in a motivational creative writing presentation by a Canadian Teen Author, Sophie Torro.  Sophie talked about setting personal goals in order to achieve your dreams.  During her inspirational message, she discussed how she began writing at the age of 11, and how she was inspired to write during a family trip to San Francisco, whereby she began creating novels for 7-12-year-olds about the SkyTalons adventure fantasy world.  By the age of 17, Sophie had published six novels, and has two more in the works!  She has also written and illustrated an educational children’s book about the coronavirus, created a YouTube channel, and has written three travel articles for TraveLife Magazine.

Chisholm Academy students asked a number of insightful questions about Sophie’s writing journey, the obstacles that she may have faced, and what she might be working on next.  Sophie shared her advice for our students — to find inspiration in the world around them, set daily goals, work hard, and don’t let any obstacles get in their way!