Academy Assemblies

Being cohorted, online, in-school and physically-distanced means we don’t always get to enjoy what’s happening with our peers in different classes or grades.

To bring the school together, Chisholm Academy has started our very own Academy Assemblies on Wednesday mornings.

During this time, a homeroom class puts together a video showcasing what they have learned or something special they are doing in class. 

We’ve had the privilege of seeing Grade 11s show their Art techniques, the Law class discuss Charter Rights in relation to current events, the Food & Nutrition class teach the school how to make bread from scratch and the 7/8 Drama class show their incredible pantomiming skills!

Academy Assemblies have been an incredible opportunity for the school to come together during a time we’re all required to be a part.

Videos can soon be found on the Chisholm Academy YouTube page!

We can’t wait to see what the next group of classes have to show us!

Farhana Shaheed
Vice Principal and Head of Special Education