Welcome Back!

​This week marks about three weeks back to school under some certainly odd circumstances.

Chisholm as a school looks different, the students’ faces look different (cue masks) and the way we are able to go about the day-to-day activities looks a little different​ too​.

When planning to return to school in August, we knew many substantial changes were about to take place. But we were also certain that our students are undoubtedly resilient. This has become more and more apparent over the course of our first weeks back. Students are wearing masks, sanitizing hands and workspaces and doing their best to stay socially distanced. Those students learning from home are logging into class via Google Meet synchronously.

While it’s been a slower start as we all have gotten used to the routines, things are starting to feel a bit more normal with students participating in sports outdoors, smoothies in Food and Nutrition, pizza lunches, student council elections, Green Club helping out with recycling, Equity Club planning our Orange Shirt Day for Wednesday, September 30 and Mr. Mooney’s Leadership Class facilitating our annual Terry Fox walk for Friday, October 3.

It is reassuring to see that despite all of the differences in these pictures there is still excitement and learning taking place throughout the day!

Welcome back to our students and staff (and parents: we’ll see you via Zoom or in the parking lot!).

Stay well,

Farhana Shaheed

Vice-Principal and Head of Special Education