Drama Night – “Who Am I: Cast of a Quarantine”

This past week on June 3rd and 4th, the grade 11/12 Drama class presented their show, “Who Am I: Cast of a Quarantine”. The show was not what had been originally planned. However, that didn’t stop them! Despite the distance, these students created a brilliant show that was full of drama, comedy, music and passion. Streamed live over Youtube for both nights, students, staff and parents were endlessly entertained with stories of identity, hope and dreams for the future. I would like to thank my students for their resilience and unwavering dedication to our class, the show and to each other. I am constantly in awe of the magic you create no matter what the circumstances. I am once again, your biggest fan. 

My hope is that Chisholm’s Drama department will be back on stage for you next year! Thank you to everyone who signed on to watch us live, your support even from afar, goes unmatched. 

I wish the entire Chisholm family a safe, healthy and beautiful summer,

Ms K. Ferrin