Learning Drama Online

When school migrated online, some courses seemed like a more seamless transition than others. How would an Art Class take place? What about running laps for Gym class? Was performing in Drama even an option?

The innovation of teachers at Chisholm has continuously demonstrated that any barrier can be knocked down with ingenuity.

Miss Ferrin’s Grade 9 Drama Class is a sublime example of how technology can be used favourably to perform a skit.

Miss Ferrin explains, “This assignment was called, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. The scenes were written by the students based on a photo they were shown of an abandoned car and apartment building.”

Additional stills are shared from “Video Diaries: Scenes from a Quarantine”.

Shared in this post are stills from a recorded performance which took place via Google Meet. Hard to imagine these students aren’t actually working down in Resource East (the Drama Room)!