Food & Nutrition – Survivor Challenge

Chisholm Academy is used to always being busy and looking for the next opportunity to fundraise or participate in charity. While this year it might look a little different, Ms. Gilbert’s Food and Nutrition class has created a Survivor-esque challenge to raise funds for the Oakville Fairshare Food Bank. 

Students have established their personas and are accepting donations and bids to see who will win. They will then film themselves participating in a challenge and it will be aired for the school to view (on Friday, May 22).

The person who donated the most and voted for the correct winner will win a prize! All proceeds will go to the local food bank. 

Congrats to Dylan D. and his family for generously donating and voting the for ultimate winner!

Together, as a school, Chisholm raised over $800 for the Oakville Fairshare Food Bank!