Capturing the Grade 9s Online

Despite the unique scenario we find ourselves in, learning together while apart continues at Chisholm!

The Grade 9s are exemplary in sharing ways to continue engaging from the comfort of their homes.

In Mr. Eckhart’s English class, students read the short story “The Hockey Sweater” and subsequently participated in a class jersey day. Everyone attended class wearing favourite hockey jersey and posed for a screen capture! Mr. Eckhardt shared that “one student joined wearing a Penguins jersey, but changed when he saw everyone else was rocking Maple Leafs jerseys. It totally proved the point of the story!”

Meanwhile, in Ms. Curic’s Learning Strategies class, students found ways to express their creativity and hone in on some baking skills by teaching a skill to their classmates. It was an incredible way to demonstrate leadership and organization whilst partaking in the consumption of desserts!

Thank you to the Chisholm teachers for continuing to find meaningful ways to keep students learning, to students for rising to the occasion and parents for turning homes into ideal learning environments!