National Theatre School Drama Festival – “Rest in Peace”

On March 3, 2020, Chisholm Academy participated for the fourth time in the National Theatre School Drama Festival.  The day started early, packing up our set and costumes and heading to Burlington Central High School. After a very intensive tech time, the cast and crew spent the rest of the day constantly running lines and enjoyed being a part of such an amazing experience. 

Our show, “Rest In Peace” by Pat Cook was received with laughs from the audience and received a glowing review from adjudicator Janet Kish. Following the three performances of the evening, Ms. Kish addressed the crowd praising character development and perfect comic timing.  She concluded her review with the following statement: “It was clear that you all loved performing this show, and it was also clear how much you all love each other. The level of commitment from the entire company was evident throughout the entire performance”.

I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful words and such a tremendous acknowledgment of hard work, dedication, and care for one another. I would like to congratulate my cast: Sam, Josh, Jackson, Charlie, Kaitlyn, Rachel and Izabel for such a fantastic show and experience.  Special thanks to Murad and Dylan for running lighting and sound like pros and to Ms. Edmonds for spending the day with us! I am so incredibly proud of all of you. We can’t wait for the festival next year. Looking forward to the Drama Club’s next show on May 28 and the Grade 11/12 class production on June 3. 

Ms. Ferrin