Woodland Cultural Centre Field Trip

On Thursday, February the 13th, Chisholm Academy Elementary students took a trip to Brantford’s Woodland Cultural Centre, a museum placed next to one of the first Residential schools. The field trip was a great learning experience about the First Nations. Though students could not enter the Residential School due to construction, they still had a blast learning. 

The students were divided into two groups, the Grade 6 and 7s touring the museum, while the Grade 8s stayed in the room where everybody arrived. Grade 6 and 7s learned much about how the First Nations lived and their culture, and how things started to change once the European settlers arrived. Students on the tour saw posters created by settlers depicting the First Nations, as well as many First Nations artwork. Eventually, the two groups swapped, and the Grade 6 and 7s got to study First Nations tattoos, and even make their own! As students left the museum, they thought about all they had learned, and what a fun field trip it had been.

Written by: Dylan F. (Grade 7)