Celebrate the Student Luncheon & Halton Women’s Shelter Donations

Another year has come to an end! As we reach the end of the decade, Chisholm Academy celebrated with our annual student luncheon. The school administration provided holiday staples: turkey, roast ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, fries and more! Staff added to the list of goodies by bringing in additional appetizers, mains and desserts. It was truly a mountain of food! Students enjoyed a delicious meal and ended the day with a holiday-themed movie.

We had a lot to celebrate. For the past month, the whole Chisholm family came together to collect items for the Halton Women’s Shelter. We managed to gather: 

  • 12 winter jackets 
  • 30 clothing items
  • 22 gloves
  • 20 gloves/hats/neck warmer
  • 25 packets of socks
  • 8 pairs of slippers
  • 4 pairs of boots
  • 1 backpack
  • a frying pan
  • stainless steel pots, set of 6
  • 2 bathrobes
  • 20 gifts (toys, earphones, school supplies)
  • some food items
  • $400 case of nail polish
  • a set of bed sheets
  • $250 in gift cards

What a phenomenal feat that stands as a true testament to how we come together as a school community.

Happy Holidays!