Remembering our Veterans and Honouring our Soldiers

This year the Remembrance Day assembly showcased our talented students through informative student-led speaking and musical talent – the Music Club solemnly performed O’ Canada.

This year, the focus was on the 75th Anniversary contributions of the Canadian Armed Forces, the 70th Anniversary of NATO, the contributions of our Indigenous soldiers and present-day soldiers that continue with protecting our country and peace-keeping efforts.

In conjunction with a local news report and our Remembrance Day assembly, a Chisholm family wanted to go the extra mile in helping our deployed soldiers. While watching TV, they learned that during the holidays there are many soldiers who are posted away from home and who miss spending the holidays with their families. They also learned that receiving holiday greeting cards from the public helps these soldiers feel closer to home during the holiday season. With this in mind, every student in the Chisholm community wrote a holiday greeting for one soldier.

It feels great to know that as a school we can always come together and do great things. We are small but mighty! 

Have a great holiday season everyone!