WE Scare Hunger 2019!

In tradition with the spooky season, Chisholm Academy continued to support ME to WE’s WE Scare Hunger. On October 15, we set a target of 400lbs to raise as a school to donate to the Hamilton Food Share Food Bank. As of November 1, this food bank will have 1,500 families who depend on the services annually. Students banded together to discuss issues pertaining to food scarcity. Over the course of two weeks, we collected non-perishable food items as well as hygiene products and household supplies. On November 4, our friends at Kennedy Ford Sales Limited helped transport the items to the foodbank. While we were 30lbs shy of our target, we are so proud and thankful to everyone for supporting a wonderful cause!

Mrs. Silvera and Miss Shaheed

ME to WE Teacher Facilitators