Learning Strategies Class at Air Riderz

As a part of culminating tasks, the Grade 9 Learning Strategies class banded together in order apply skills of teamwork, resilience, organization, budgeting and growth mindset as they planned a trip for their year group. Students were required to map out the entire day and propose it to their peers in late April.

After presenting proposals to the class, the winning trip to Air Riderz Trampoline Park was scheduled for Friday, June 7.

On the day of, students were given an opportunity to grab lunch at Maple Grove Plaza prior to taking a bus to the park. Once there, the jumping was basically non-stop! We were able to free-jump, try some cool flips, jump into a foam pit, play basketball and dodgeball – all while bouncing in the air!

It was a fantastic opportunity to wrap up a semester with team-building in a fun and carefree environment.

Ms. Ferrin, Ms. Edmonds and Ms. Shaheed