Preparing for OSSLT

Twenty-one Chisholm Academy students and four teachers recently celebrated a collaborative Gallery Walk to help the students prepare for the March 27 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Working in seven small groups, the students researched strategies for reading and writing tasks of the Literacy Test. They then produced posters that were displayed in the gym on March 5 and 6.

During these two days, students alternated between presenting their group’s information and touring the other six poster stations. They took notes and asked questions of the presenters on topics such as how to answer multiple-choice questions and how to write a newspaper article based on a photograph and a headline.

Many students agreed that working in a group was beneficial.

‘Contributing to one greater purpose will help in the long run,” said student Josh, who excelled in presenting information.

Student Nicole said the exercise prompted her to research valuable reading tips and other strategies. She enjoyed presenting her group’s poster on writing a news report in the inverted pyramid format.

“People asked me about study tips,” she said. “I kept saying things like how many words should be on it, what’s expected.”

Student Brandon, who typed notes directly on his Chromebook as he toured stations, said he was already well prepared for the Literacy Test but that participating in the Gallery Walk clinched his confidence.

Chisholm Academy teachers Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Eckhardt, Ms. Curic and Mr. Tollefsrud worked with the students over several classes for this hands-on learning experience.