COOKSmart – Grade 8s

Last week, on February 26th, we were lucky enough to have COOKSmart return to Chisholm for another day with our Grade 8s! First, the Grade 8 students had an opportunity to learn about what goes into a healthy diet and explored the 4 four food groups; Fruits, Vegetables, Protein and Grains (sorry Dairy, you got cut from the Food Guide!) 

Then the real cooking began! During this session, COOKSmart brought an awesome recipe along for us to try, Vegetarian Spring Rolls with homemade sauce. Each student got a chance to choose between Peanut Thai (made with WowButter), Spicy Thai, Red Curry or Ginger Soy as their sauce recipe. Some of the students changed these recipes slightly to try to find the best tasting sauce. One of the best tasting sauces was a Peanut Thai made by Antonio U., while DJ B. made a face-melting Spicy Thai. 

The students then prepared the vegetable filling, demonstrating their wicked kitchen skills. Lastly, after we wrapped up our spring roll, we went through a mindful tasting, taking two minutes to explore all elements of the taste. It was an incredible session with lots of delicious food. Going into March Break, ask your Grade 8 to get involved in the kitchen and show you what they learned! A big thank you to COOKSmart and our Grade 8 chefs for an amazing afternoon.

Jake Sharland
Chisholm Academy Teacher