CookSMART with Grade 7s

On Thursday, February 13, Grade 7 students participated in a healthy eating workshop hosted by CookSMART! Students had the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and skills, strategies and information they could use to live a healthier lifestyle!

After learning about healthy food, students had a chance to put their knowledge into action. All Grade 7 students were divided into teams to have a competition on who could make the healthiest, most delicious smoothies!

Team Earth won with a smoothie made of banana, pineapple, blueberry, spinach, protein powder and flax seed oil, quite the healthy snack!

Students then combined healthy, organic ingredients to make power balls (a rolled oat, protein filled, energy boosting snack). All the students were fantastic chefs and hopefully will bring their knowledge home to continue making healthy snacks. A big thank you to CookSMART for a wonderful workshop, it was a delicious and nutritious afternoon of fun!

Keep cooking!

Jake Sharland, Jane Spence and Diane Turriff

Chisholm Academy Teachers