World Cultures Potluck

​On Friday, December 14, the World Cultures class banded together to celebrate heritage, hard-work and the holidays!

As we unpacked the complex concept of culture, it made complete sense to tie in food with the notion of cultural expression and values.

What started off as a simple plan to eat together grew into a beautiful potluck with new and exciting foods from around the world.

We had spanakopitas from Greece, sabaayad from Yemen, pasteis de bacalhau from Portugal, cheese-cornbread from Serbia, cabbage rolls from Egypt, shortbread cookies from a Scottish origin, Russian cakes, pancit guisado (Filipino with a Canadian flair), Danish risengrød, knishes and samosas!

There was even a crockpot of Three Sister Soup from the Ojibwe culture!

As the class came together to eat, we welcomed some staff to join us in the festivities.

It was a beautiful confirmation of how food brings people together.

Thank you for all students and parents who helped make our potluck a delicious reality.

Farhana Shaheed

Chisholm Academy Teacher