Chemistry for Christmas

Christmas week is upon us at Chisholm, and nothing says festive like chemical reactions! On Monday, December 17, with a couple of brave Grade 7 students, we attempted to separate some chemical mixtures and create our own explosion.

In Grade 7, we have been studying solutions and mixtures, and the students wanted to finish the unit with a bang! We took two different chemicals  (Hydrogen Peroxide and Manganese Oxide) and combined them in our flask. A chemical reaction occurred called deoxidizing! This created oxygen and water within our test tube. We captured the oxygen in our balloon, getting all the fuel needed for an explosion.

Ruben and Anthony then carefully attached our flame and our balloon, leading them close together until the flame blew up our balloon! What an awesome afternoon with some amazing S.T.E.M. activities around Christmas here at Chisholm Academy.

Jake Sharland
Chisholm Academy Teacher