WE Scare Hunger – Food Drive

For 15 days in October, the students, parents and staff of Chisholm Academy and Chisholm Education Centre banded together to gather non-perishable items for our local food drive. The initiative is a part of Me to We’s WE Scare Hunger campaign which aims to contribute to our local community and raise awareness of the root causes of hunger.

During this time, we shared facts about hunger over morning announcements, discussed opportunity and access in Me to We meetings and encouraged our peers to bring in non-perishable foods to donate. The bar was set high with a request to reach 115lbs for each grade! Chisholm definitely likes to aim for the stars!

From October 15-30, we saw the pile of food items grow quite heavy and the WE team sifted through to make sure all was good to donate. Students were encouraged with some friendly competition: the grade to achieve the goal would be provided a breakfast prepared by our very own Food and Nutrition class led by Ms. Gilbert.

The donations were given to the Oakville Fair Share Foodbank. They gratefully picked up the donations at lunch on the 30th. The representative informed us that this food will contribute to supporting 400 local families.

Our grand total was 431lbs of non-perishable foods with our Grade 9 students bringing in 113lbs! They can anticipate a fancy breakfast in the next few weeks!

By Halloween Day, there were still more donations coming in!

We can enjoy our candy knowing Chisholm accomplished something incredible.

Mrs Tomaz Silvera and Miss Shaheed

Chisholm Academy Teachers/Me to We Club Facilitators