Creature Quest

On Tuesday, October 23rd, the zoo came to visit our Grade 7 and 8! During the afternoon, Creature Quest brought in some wonderful animals for us to see and talked about their roles in food chains and food webs – which tied in perfectly with our Science unit.

Firstly, we got to meet a cute pair of primary consumers, Ashes the Bunny and Milo the Gerbil. We could not believe how fluffy Ashes was, he looked just like a fancy, fluffy pillow! Next, we met a bearded dragon named Percy and a tortoise named Marvin. Luckily, they were both very hungry and we got to watch them eat gross little grubs as a snack. The bearded dragon felt really crazy when we touched it, with soft spikes all over his body. Percy was very calm though and didn’t try to escape. Then we got to have a frog on our hands, it felt like wet rubber jelly! He really liked Travis, jumping all the way up his body!

Finally, we got to see our tertiary consumer. Our presenter, Yolanda, then brought out a snake, Harvey the Milk Snake. As soon as he was brought out, he started to wrap around a couple of our arms. Harvey even tried to escape into John’s sweater! Then as a surprise, we got to see one more animal, a young Cayman Crocodile. We all got to hold him and learn about his super powerful jaw.

It was a wonderful experience and all students had an amazing time hanging out with Creature Quest! What a success!

Jake Sharland
Grade 7 and 8 Teacher
Chisholm Academy