Intramural Sports: Team Spirit at Chisholm Academy

The Intramural season for 2017-2018 at Chisholm was a resounding success. Led by Ms. Edmonds, and her incredible enthusiasm and energy, over half the school population, from Grade 7 to Grade 12, participated in the six different tournaments from September to June. The incredible spirit of Chisholm was displayed with interactions of the kids from all grades and the participation of ten staff in all these events. Old friendships were strengthened and new friendships forged.

It all started out with basketball in September, followed by the Fall Football tournament. Flag Football continued to be the flagship sport of Intramurals, with 30 students on 6 teams participating and countless others watching the games.

As the weather turned colder, the indoor sports took over. The Ball Hockey tournament was a major success. The energy in the gymnasium for every game was electric.

A new sport and tournament: Dodgeball! A chance to take out your frustrations of the day and throw something at a classmate ‘legally’ and get away with it!

Finally, back outdoors for the Spring Football Tournament – the best intramural tournament we have ever had. Six evenly balanced teams and outstanding games every lunchtime. In the end – Mr. Sharland finally got the “monkey off his back” by winning the championship!

Karaoke also was introduced this year…a small but dedicated group! And maybe even some “Canada’s Got Talent” candidates. I can see this growing next school year.

Coming in 2018- Soccer! This will be the first intramural event in the fall.

An incredible year of intramurals at Chisholm A special thanks to all of he kids and staff that participated, and to Ms. Edmonds for her tireless work in organizing the tournaments.

Have a great summer!

John Mooney

Chisholm Academy Teacher