Spring Arts Night: Showcasing Chisholm’s Musical, Dramatic and Artistic Talents

The lights dimmed, and the music began; the 2018 Spring Arts Night was underway. Featuring performances by Chisholm’s Music Club student and teacher singers, guitar players, and drummers, the ensambles treated the audience to songs from the hit movie Moana and the much loved “Cup Song”, among others.

The Chisholm Drama Club performed a poignant show called “Mirrors” by John O’Brien which told the heartbreaking story of a man caught between his perception of reality; choosing between his family and doctors, leaving the audience to wonder what which reality was true. The cast gave a stirring performance.

The Grade 12 Drama class performed 4 scenes from the hilarious and heartbreaking teenage coming of age dramedy, “Seven Minutes in Heaven” by Steven Levenson.  The cast hand selected scenes that they felt would best entertain and entice their audience. The preview was received exceedingly well from Chisholm staff and students with countless laughs and gasps! The show in its entirety is to be performed at the QEPCC. Special thanks to Archie and Ted who operated our sound and lighting boards.

Several pieces of arts produced by the talent Chisholm Visual Arts students were also on display throughout the evening.  Each piece captured the unique skill of the artist and told its own story.

Congratulations to all the performers and staff who helped make the Chisholm Spring Arts Night a huge success.

With Contributions from Kayla Ferrin and Alison Andrew

Chisholm Academy