Jerseys For Humboldt at Chisholm Academy

In response to last Friday’s tragic accident involving the Humboldt Junior Hockey team, Chisholm Academy joined thousands of students and people across Canada by wearing jerseys to show their support for the families in Saskatchewan who are grieving.

As the bell rang, bright colours filled the Chisholm hallways as students and staff filed into classrooms this morning. Team Canada, Toronto Maple Leafs, and of course, Chisholm Hockey Team jerseys were spotted in the crowds of students and teachers.  

Before lunch, the entire school gathered in the gym to take a school wide photograph of everyone in their jerseys. As the school posed with their hockey sticks and jerseys, Dr. Bernstein, Chisholm’s executive director, reminded students how wearing our jerseys was a sign of solidarity with the families in Humboldt.

Whether we play hockey or not, we can all stand together in support of the families in Saskatchewan. A small action, donning a jersey today, helps us to remember those who were lost and those who are still fighting to recover from their injuries in the hospital.

Today, we stand with Humboldt; our jerseys are a sign of our solidarity here at Chisholm Academy and all across Canada.

Humboldt Saskatchewan: Chisholm Academy is with you.


-Alison Andrew

Chisholm Academy Teacher