Viva Cuba! Fun, Food, Inspiration

The 2018 Chisholm Academy trip to Havana, Cuba over the March Break was one of exploration and leisure, filled with good people, good food, and, best of all, good experiences. The focus of the Cuba trip, led by Mr. Leonard and Ms. Edmonds, was to help out the Caribbean island nation by bringing donations from Chisholm Academy to supplement the schools and daycares in Cuba. Students from Chisholm rose to the occasion by bringing donations in the weeks before the trip, including school and art supplies as well as clothing and sporting equipment. Kelly, one of the students on the trip, was proud of Chisholm’s contribution: “When we brought the suitcases with the supplies for the kids, it felt amazing that we were helping the kids be their best!” 

The schedule for the Cuba trip encompassed seven days of activities. Students Luke and Manushri discussed the itinerary, which included visiting the designated schools and daycares, where the students dropped off the donations and supplies and stayed to talk to the students. The group also visited an art school where they painted murals, a ballet school and a school designed to train circus performers, where they watched trapeze artists honing their skills. Hiking, swimming at the beach, salsa lessons, eating Cuban traditional fare and tours of Havana were also part of the fun-filled activities. Because of the US trade embargo preventing the access of newer automobiles, the tours of the city were conducted in classic cars; the majority of cars in Cuba are of the 1950’s era.

From historical tours of Havana in vintage cars to the important donation of school supplies, it was a very well rounded trip!  After visiting the dance and art schools, the group was impressed by the creativity, hardships and persevering spirit expressed by the Cuban students. The Cuba trip truly left an impact on the students and staff, one of inspiration and awe. 

-Harrison Grade 12 Student

Chisholm Times Writer