Chisholm Academy Stands Up Against Bullying

Chisholm Academy marked Anti Bullying Day 2018 with our annual Pancake Breakfast and school wide assembly. Students and staff wore pink to show our support and solidarity as we stood up and spoke out against bullying.

Teachers cooked delicious pancakes which students and staff enjoyed with fruit and juice. After everyone had eaten their fill, the school gathered for the Anti Bullying Day Assembly. The student body watched a short,  Anti-Bullying video created by the school’s Me to We team which encouraged the audience to use their voice to speak out against bullying. Then, some students from grade nine shared information they’d researched about bullying and how to seek help if you see bullying or are being bullied. The assembly concluded with another video, set to the song “Lean on Me” which featured students and staff who were united together and committed to maintaining a bully free school.

The annual Anti Bullying Day is a good reminder for all Chisholm Academy students and staff that we have the power to stand up and speak out against bullying. Together we can ensure everyone has a safe place to attend school.

Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying Chisholm!

-Alison Andrew

Chisholm Academy Teacher