History Comes Alive at Crawford Lake

On Friday, February 2nd, 2018 the Grade 7 and 8 students headed to Crawford Lake to do some Hands-on Historical Learning.  Our students had the opportunity to try their hand at snow shoeing, a traditional First Nations way of traveling across snow. Students learned to walk with the snow shoes and even discovered some animal tracks. Students also had the chance to try natural remedies such as pine leaves while on the trail.

After lunch, students learned about the history of Crawford Lake and how the Longhouses were discovered. Then students had the chance to play a traditional First Nations game called Snow Snake. Their competitive nature shone through as they tried to throw their “snake” further than their classmates’.  

Students then explored the Longhouses and learned more about the traditional way of life of the Iroquois people. They examined furs, antlers, and baskets. Finally, students learned how First Nations Peoples built and maintained their fires in the Long House. Lighting a fire with a flint rock is certainly a difficult skill to develop.

Despite the cold, it was an exciting day for the class it and helped students to understand the ways of life of the First Nation People of Canada and how their knowledge helped the early European explorers. Thank you to the grade seven and eight classes for their enthusiasm and participation as well as the staff for a great day.

Ms. Andrew

Grade 7 History Teacher