Art Trip to the Art Gallery of Burlington

On Friday, November 3rd, the students enrolled in grade 8 and grade 10 Visual Art enjoyed a full day of hands-on, 3-D, studio art at The Art Gallery of Burlington.  One half of the day focused on an extended clay workshop involving the handbuilding slab method.  Students created birdhouses with an emphasis on slip decoration and detail in their finished work.  During the coming week, the students’ bird houses will be bisque fired to maturity by a studio technician at the Art Gallery of Burlington before being picked-up by Mrs. Symons and returned to Chisholm students for painting with bright acrylic paint glazes.   During the second half of the day students discovered the art of metal embossing.  Students drew several drafts of bird images of their own design before transferring their favourite of three onto soft metal to create raised and sunken relief designs. Students applied brilliant colours to their pieces with stunning results.   

Chisholm students enjoyed a relaxing, dress down day of hands-on art, a gallery tour, as well as the camaraderie of their friends over lunch.

Deborah Symons

Chisholm Academy Teacher