Lights Camera Action: Chisholm Takes in Guys and Dolls at Stratford

Chisholm Academy students and staff enjoyed an outstanding performance of Guys and Dolls at Stratford Festival Theatre on October 20th. The day started with lunch in downtown Stratford.  Students enjoyed their meals with their classmates before heading off to the theatre to take in the show.

The performance of Guys and Dolls featured many talented individuals; the signing, well choreographed dance numbers and fabulous costumes made for a captivating storyline. Students enjoyed following along with the caper of Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson as they chased women and gambling winnings all across 1930s New York City.

During intermission, students enjoyed refreshments from the snack bar and took in the views surrounding the theatre. The beautiful river setting provided a great backdrop for this exciting excursion for the Chisholm community.


Alison Andrew

Chisholm Academy Teacher