Chisholm Academy Fights Back Against Cancer at Relay for Life

On Friday, June 2nd, a group of 15 dedicated students from Chisholm Academy arrived at Bronte Provincial Park to participate in the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life fundraising event. They spent the night in the park, walking laps in honour and memory of those brave individuals who have fought cancer or are still fighting. The Chisholm Academy team raised nearly $3000 dollars for cancer research.

The night began with a moving opening ceremony and continued with games, themed laps and loads of snacks. Student participants enjoyed the late night lip-sync competition and movie as well hanging out with their friends.

Despite a little bit of rain in the middle of the night, the team endured the overnight, 12 hour event with grace, style and Chisholm spirit. They left the next morning tried, but knowing that they made a difference in the fight against cancer.

Thank you to the dedicated team of student volunteers, fundraisers and staff including Mr. Tollefsrud, Mrs. Bysice, Mr. Mooney, Ms. Ferrin and Ms. Andrew for making the night a success. See you on the relay track next year Chisholm!


Alison Andrew

Chisholm Academy Teacher