“Among Friends and Clutter”- Grade 12 Production

On May 31st 2017 at 7pm, the lights at the Queen Elizabeth Park Black Box Theatre shone bright on ten ecstatic grade 12 drama students.  The class had one goal-to put on the best show possible.  Among Friends and Clutter was their endeavour.   A play that follows the lives of characters as they experience the trials and tribulations of friendship, family and love.   With the unwavering support of an enthusiastic audience of over 80 people, and as a result of tremendous hard work and dedication, they did not disappoint.  Arriving at the theatre very early that morning, the students persevered through 10 hours of tech rehearsal and full runs of their show.

The production was a huge undertaking for these students.  With a running time of 1hr and 30 minutes, their drive and passion for this show was evident from the moment rehearsals began at the end of March.  The love and respect that these students had for one another was undeniable.  They truly became a family and strived every day to produce a show that would make one another proud.  Dedicating Saturday’s and numerous hours after a full day of school, these students rehearsed like pros and despite heightened emotions and at times, feelings of uncertainty, these students believed in themselves and their fellow actors every step of the way.

A very special thanks to Gabe McKenzie who was the best possible technician and stage manager that we could have ever asked for.  To Mr. Mooney for spending the entire day with us and thanks also to grade 12 student Mikaela Vuksinic for writing such a beautiful review in the most recent issue of Chisholm Times.

Tremendous gratitude to Dr. Bernstein for the opportunity in allowing these talented students to explore outside of their comfort zone and show their true potential in a professional theatre setting.

These students were extraordinary and it was by far one of the greatest joys, a sweet end to a truly amazing year for Chisholm’s Drama department.

This group was unforgettable.

Kayla Ferrin

Chisholm Academy Teacher