Lest We Forget: Chisholm Academy Remembers

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”- Laurence Binyon

Over the past 100 years, countless Canadian soldiers and service men and women have laid down their lives for Canadians to protect our ideas and provide us with a peaceful and free nation to call home. They fought in muddy fields and on beaches in France. They fought in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and in foreign lands of the Pacific islands. They’ve fought international conflicts in remote deserts, and aimed to keep the peace in unfamiliar lands. On Remembrance Day, today and every day, Chisholm Academy remembers them.

Chisholm Academy students and staff marked Remembrance Day with a solemn ceremony on Friday November 11th. Students learned of many of the battles Canadian forces have fought over the last 100 years including the centennial anniversary of Beaumont Hamel in 1916, the Korean War, and our long standing efforts in Peace Keeping missions across the globe. Two senior Chisholm students, Kelly Wegener and Sebastian Heidari Nassab, spoke eloquently as they shared key details about these missions with their peers.

Ms. Ferin’s Grade Ten Drama class performed an emotional poem about the tragedy that befell Canadian soldiers at the Abbey D’Ardenne during the Normandy Campaign. Their performance was moving and gave the audience pause as they reflected upon the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers.

Miles Lewis, an air cadet dressed in full uniform, laid the first wreath at the cenotaph. Mrs. Moyssakos and Mr. Leonard also laid a wreath in remembrance. Two of our grade eight students, Zander Allen and Ivan Barac, lent their voices as they led the school in the act of Remembrance delivering lines from Laurence Binyon’s famous poem “For the Fallen”.

The assembly was concluded with a speech presented by Corporal Maloney of the Loren Scots Infantry regiment. He arrived in full uniform and reminded students and staff of the importance of remembrance.
Through movement, words, music and action, Chisholm Academy paid their respects to the fallen and made the commitment to carry their legacy forward. Each November, we invite you to wear a poppy, thank a veteran, and remember their sacrifice.

Lest We Forget