We Scare Hunger!!!!!

Congratulations Chisholm Academy! Thanks to your generosity and hard work the Chisholm Academy “We Scare Hunger” food drive successfully collected 608 pounds of nonperishable food donations for the Kerr Street Mission in Oakville.

We are so proud of the way the Chisholm community worked together to gather donations from students, parents, families, staff, and members of our administration teams. These contributions will go a long way to “scaring” hunger in our community.

As if our amazing results of the food drive weren’t enough, we have some more good news. The total is in for the Electronics Recycling event which was held on October 1st, 2016. Together with our community we raise 1.25 tons of electronics and clothing! That means over 1000 pounds of electronics were saved from the landfill. This will make a significant difference to our environment.

Thank you once again for supporting this fall’s local outreach campaigns with WE Charity. By working together, WE made a big difference in our community.